Survival is a Body Skill that governs all sorts of wilderness activities, from starting a fire, to building shelter, to making a trail through heavy brush and shrubbery. Characters with a high Survival Rank spend a lot of time outdoors. Pokémon Rangers and Trainers concerned with conservation efforts and Safari Zones tend to have high Survival Ranks.

Skill ChecksEdit

Survival Skill Checks can be made in almost any situation in the outdoors, but are not limited to that. More than just finding the means to live in the wilds, Survival also covers geology, geography, and spelunking.


  • Navigating a heavy snowstorm
  • Foraging for food
  • Setting up camp
  • Identifying mushrooms
  • Finding a specific direction
  • Learn about an area
  • Searching for Elemental Stones and Fossils


Survival has many uses outside of simply finding food and living in the wilds.

Characters can get the lay of the land with this skill, spending half an hour to scout the area and learn basic information - common Pokémon, berries, Apricorns, or geographical features. For light density wilderness areas such as a savanna or small forest, the difficulty is easy for anyone with investment in this skill (DC 12). Moderately complex ecosystems such as foggy wetland might require as much as DC 16, and denser harsher areas such as tropical rainforests or arctic flatlands may have DC 20+. Each margin of success (4 past the DC) should give the characters additional info such as rare Pokémon or plants that aren't immediately apparent.

With the geology and geography aspects, characters can use this skill to search likely spots for Fossils, Stones, or other useful items. DCs and even availability are entirely up to the GM.

Characters can even use Survival to track someone through wilderness, for those doggedly after a certain Pokémon or pursuing a character. This is usually an Opposed Check against the target's Stealth Skill, made reflexively by the target unless they are too frazzled to actually try to cover their trail. Certain environments will impose circumstantial bonuses or penalties such as trying to chase someone through tall grass where a mostly clear trail is left, opposed to following someone through a dark, gloomy cave.

Associated EdgesEdit

Apricorn BallsEdit

Prerequisites: Novice Survival or Adept Technology Education

Effect: As an Extended Action, you may craft Apricorns into their corresponding Poké Ball. This Feature requires using a Poké Ball Tool Box.


Prerequisites: Novice Pokémon Education or Survival

Effect: You can identify Fossils with a DC 15 Pokémon Education or Survival check. You also know how to operate Reanimation Machines and can use them to revive Fossils.

Green ThumbEdit

Prerequisites: Novice General Education or Survival

Effect: You know how to grow Apricorns and Tier 1 Berries using a Portable Grower or Fertilized Soil.


Prerequisites: Adept Survival

Effect: You learn Bulk Up.

Natural TheoryEdit

Prerequisites: Novice Survival

Effect: You may count Survival as an Education Skill for all Features that reference Education Skills, and you may add your Mind modifier to all Survival Checks in addition to your Body modifier.


Prerequisites: Novice Survival

Effect: You may use Survival instead of Athletics and Acrobatics to determine your Power, High Jump, and Long Jump capabilities. Substitute Survival for the lower of your Athletics or Acrobatics Ranks when determining your Overland Movement.