Medicine Education is a Mind Skill that covers the science of healing and mending. It covers a wide range of situations, from performing first aid in the field to growing organs and limbs in a lab. Characters with a high Medicine Education Rank usually spend a significant amount of time studying Pokémon and human biology alike in order to effectively treat patients of all different species.

Skill ChecksEdit

This skill can be used to treat the damage and injuries taken from combat for humans and Pokémon alike, but it can also diagnose diseases and possibly devise new treatments where the luxuries of an equipped hospital are not available.

Examples include:

  • Setting and splinting broken bones
  • Cleaning and dressing wounds
  • Identify Pokérus
  • Spot ailments from malformed Evolutionary Stone radiation.

This skill usually will never be an Opposed Skill Check.


Medicine Education can of course be used to help treat or even completely heal damage and Injuries taking in combat or diagnose diseases. Outside of treatment and diagnosis this skill does include the field of biology to understand Pokémon and human bodies, and if a setting has enough technology, can represent knowledge of gene therapy and other biological enhancements; though this is usually limited to the upper extremes of technology.

Characters with sufficient training in this skill can even use tools known as Wonder Launchers to allow them to administer combat drugs to Pokémon from afar, applying potions, X-medicine, and such without needing to be right next to their targets.

Associated EdgesEdit

Medic TrainingEdit

Prerequisites: Novice Medicine Education

Effect: When you use Restorative Items on others, they do not forfeit their next turn.

Repel CrafterEdit

Prerequisites: Novice Medicine Education

Effect: You may create Repels for 100 poké or Super Repels for 150 poké. This feature requires usage of a Chemistry Set.