Athletics is a Body Skill that represents physical training and endurance from physical training and exercise. Characters with a high Athletics Rank tend to be very active and either spend time training their physique or have physically strenuous occupations.

Skill ChecksEdit

Athletics Skill Checks are made when a character's physical endurance is tested.

Examples include:

  • Extended Running
  • Climbing a tree or side of the cliff
  • Jumping
  • Keeping yourself afloat during a storm
  • Determining fatigue after treacherous travel

Opposed Athletics Checks can be used to determine who tires out first in an extended chase or holding a door closed against someone.


Any actions that involve physical effort but not necessarily finesse fall under this Skill.

Carrying heavy loads specifically requires continuous Athletics checks.

High Atheletics increases movement speeds and throwing ranges for characters.

For Pokémon this skill can be used to attempt to Intercept an attack aimed for its Trainer.


This skill doesn't always have to have a Skill Check. When a character wants to do something, sometimes it makes more sense to look at their Rank in this Skill and judge if that would leave them tired or not.

Athletic ProwessEdit

Prerequisites: Adept Athletics

Effect: You learn Agility.

Power BoostEdit

Prerequisites: Expert Athletics

Effect: Increase your Power capability by 2.

Mounted ProwessEdit

Prerequisites: Novice Acrobatics or Athletics

Effect: You automatically succed Acrobatics Checks to mount a Pokémon, and you get +3 to all Acrobatics Checks to stay mounted.


Prerequisites: Novice Athletics or Survival

Effect: You gain +2 to Swim Speed. you can spend X minutes underwater before suffocating, where X is the higher of your Athletics or Survival Ranks.